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Are Savannah Cats Good Pets?

These guys are the ultimate companions for anyone who’s into super active and outgoing fur friends. But, just a heads up, not all Savannahs are made the same. Their vibes and how chill they are can really depend on their generation.

Our Savannahs and Their Personalities

Savannah cats are like having a piece of the wild at home, with all the excitement and surprises that come with it. They're not just pets; they're like little adventurers, each with their own quirky personality. And honestly, life with them is an adventure I never knew I needed. Here's to all the fun and craziness with my Savannah squad!

F1 Savannah HP Cats

HP Savannah Cats are known for having a high percentage of African Serval blood in their genetic makeup.

What is the difference genetically between a F1 savannah cat & a F2 Savannah cat?

The main difference between an F1 Savannah cat and an F2 Savannah cat is the amount of wild serval blood in each generation.

Savannah cat diet

Feeding your Savannah cat a raw diet offers numerous benefits, including improved digestion, greatly reduced stool odor and more!

What is a F1 Savannah cat?

Savannah cats are a domestic cat breed that has a percentage of African serval wild blood.