f2 Savannah Cats For Sale

F2 Savannah Cats

These F2 savannah exotic cats are extremely loving and have a dog like personality.


We specialize in breeding F2 Savannah cats in Florida by mating our African Serval Cats with low generation savannah cats. Producing the worlds biggest domestic exotic cat.

  • An F2 Savannah cat is the second generation resulting from breeding an F1 Savannah with a domestic cat.
  • F2 Savannahs have an F1 Savannah parent (which has a serval parent) and a domestic cat parent.
  • F2 Savannahs have a slightly lower percentage of serval genes compared to F1s.
  • While they still retain some serval traits, they tend to have a slightly more domesticated appearance compared to F1s.
  • F2 Savannahs are generally smaller in size compared to F1s, but larger than regular domestic cats.
  • They may display a range of personalities, some leaning towards the more active and energetic side, while others may exhibit more domestic cat traits.

Available F2 Savannah Kittens