What is a F1 Savannah cat?

Savannah cats are a domestic cat breed that has a percentage of African serval wild blood. These cats are the largest cat breed in the world, and the most expensive pet. They are known to love water, swimming, and even running in the shower with their owners. Savannah cats are extremely affectionate and bonded to their owners, while still having a sense of independency. These cats still use the litter box and lower generations can eat regular high-quality cat food. Savannah cats are known for their extreme intelligence, constant purring, high energy, playing fetch, and being easily trainable for commands. The highest generation of Savannah cats, with the most African serval blood, will have the most pronounced "Savannah cat qualities". The first generation of Savannah cats is called an F1 Savannah, and modern day breeding will cross the Serval back to a lower generation Savannah cat.