F1 Savannah HP Cats

Information about HP Savannah Cats:


HP Savannah Cats are known for having a high percentage of African Serval blood in their genetic makeup.

It's important to note that the information provided on this page represents our opinion on percentage and HP (High Percentage) Savannah Cats. These views align with the standards and definitions commonly accepted among Savannah breeders.

The percentage mentioned in a Savannah Cat's description refers to the estimated amount of Wild African Serval blood present in the cat.

Determining the exact Serval percentage is not possible through testing, so most percentages given are educated guesses rather than definitive measurements. It's crucial to understand that this isn't necessarily a negative aspect unless breeders intentionally mislead potential buyers.

To clarify, when a breeder mentions the percentage of their Savannah Cat or kittens, it may not be entirely accurate as it is based on their estimation. The percentage can only be verified if the cat or kittens are the direct result of breeding a Serval with a domestic cat.

When a Serval is bred with a domestic cat, the resulting kittens inherit 50% of their genetic makeup from the Serval parent and 50% from the domestic cat parent. This is the only scenario where the Serval percentage can be definitively known.

What defines an "HP" Savannah Cat?


An HP (High Percentage) Savannah Cat refers to a cat that has the highest amount of wild African Serval blood among Savannahs.

Typically, the F1 Savannah generation has the highest Serval blood percentage, followed by the F2 Savannah generation.

The term "HP Savannah" is primarily used in relation to the F1, F2, and HP F3 generations.

It's worth noting that some breeders may consider their Savannah cats as "HP" and sell their offspring as "HP" even if they don't meet the standard definition we, as ethical breeders, aim to achieve for the term "HP Savannah Cats." This doesn't imply they are wrong; it simply means they have a different interpretation of the term.

The term "HP Savannah" is commonly used in the following context:


If a breeder breeds an F1 or F2 Savannah with a Serval, they achieve the highest amount of Serval blood in a Savannah cat. This specific breeding scenario should be the ultimate criterion for labeling a cat as an "HP Savannah."

Breeding an F1 or F2 Savannah with a Serval is a rare and challenging combination. Creating an F1 Savannah cat is already a difficult process, and not many breeders attempt the F1 to Serval pairing due to fertility issues associated with this HP pairing. As a result, these matings are primarily done to sell the cats as pets rather than for advancing the breed.

F2 kittens can be referred to as "HP F2 Savannahs" if their mother is an HP F1 Savannah.

F3 kittens can be referred to as "HP F3 Savannahs" if their mother is an HP F2 Savannah.

To summarize the term "HP Savannah Cats":


The following kittens can be considered "HP Savannahs":

  1. 1. F1 kittens born from an HP F1 Savannah queen.

  2. 2. F1 kittens born from an HP F2 Savannah queen.

  3. 3. F1 kittens born from an HP F3 Savannah queen.

  4. 4. F2 kittens born from an F1 Savannah queen that was born from an F1 Savannah queen.

  5. 5. F2 kittens born from an F1 Savannah queen that was born from an F2 Savannah queen.

  6. 6. F3 kittens born from an HP F2 Savannah queen.