Are Savannah Cats Good Pets?

These guys are the ultimate companions for anyone who’s into super active and outgoing fur friends. But, just a heads up, not all Savannahs are made the same. Their vibes and how chill they are can really depend on their generation.

If you’re dreaming about a mini wild cat but kinda want one that’s more on the chill side, you might wanna look into the higher generations, like F3 and beyond. These Savannahs still have that cool, exotic look but are a bit more laid-back and, well, less likely to turn your house into a safari adventure zone.


The Lowdown

Savannah cats? Totally awesome pets for the right person. Just remember, the closer they are to their wild ancestors (we’re talking F1, F2), the more you’re signing up for a wild ride. Want something a tad more mellow? Aim for those higher-generation cuddle bugs.