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How do we raise our Savannah cats?

Our kittens are raised in our home around our children and are given the opportunity to socialize with our family dogs. With proper socialization and bonding, a Savannah cat and a dog can become great friends. We are strictly against “cage breeding” ; we love each and every one of our animals and work diligently to spoil them to ensure they are as happy as they can possibly be. We guarantee anxiety free, loving savannah kittens. We implement a process called phase 2 where we test the kittens in a new environment before allowing them to go home to their forever family. Learn more about our cattery and how we raise them by watching our youtube video below.

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F1 Savannah Cats

An F1 Savannah cat is the first generation offspring of a Serval, usually a Serval father and a domestic mother, and is considered to be 50% wild.

F2 Savannah Cats

The main difference between an F1 Savannah cat and an F2 Savannah cat is the amount of wild serval blood in each generation. As the filial number increases (ex: F2), the measure of wild blood (serval DNA) decreases.

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What do we stand for?

We strongly oppose the inhumane treatment of savannah cats. Many breeders use these animals as a way to make money, confining them to tiny cages and denying them a fulfilling life. In addition, many of the online sites that offer savannah cats are scams, leaving potential buyers with the wrong expectations. Only a small fraction of breeders are genuinely dedicated to providing quality care for their animals, and even then, the kittens may not reach the expected standards due to stress and lack of proper care from their owners. We believe that all animals should be treated with love and respect, and we condemn any kind of animal abuse. We are active in the community to condemn and work alongside government agencies to shut down these catteries; if you hear anything negative about us, its most likely from a cattery we are attempting to shut down for animal abuse.

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